#1 Unsual Cambodian customs and traditions

Cambodia attracts you and you want to discover Khmer people ? Perhaps you have already booked your flight ticket ? In order to prepare yourself for this journey and the discovery of a new culture, read this article carefully about the often unusual customs and traditions of Cambodians. Take notes, as it will certainly be very useful for you to remember some of this information.

First of all, a Cambodian’s best weapon is his smile, and so it should be yours. It’s not without reason that this territory is called the « Land of Smiles » ! It will therefore be pointless to get upset about any problem, because the person you are talking to will certainly answer « sorry sorry » and offer you his best smile. Always keep in mind that they are a people of a fairly calm nature, it’s rare to see them get carried away with anger, so imitate them. At the 20th tuktuk of the day who will offer you his services, don’t get angry: answer « no » with a smile !

Cambodians are very animistic, that is, they regular attribute to things a soul comparable to the human soul. Instead of calling doctor, they call on a Kru, also called a Guru, who is better able to heal them. Full of spirituality their universe is filled with geniuses and spirits, good and bad. They are also extremely superstitious: enter a pagoda with a hat and you will be bald in your next life.

Cambodians are also very modest, both in their behavior and in their dress. It’s rare to see them finely dressed, especially since they flee the rays of the sun like the plague. The outfits are therefore more generally summed up by a long-sleeved t-shirt and turtleneck, gloves, pants, socks with the stitching adapted to the wearing of flip-flops, and the Krama, a traditional Khmer plaid scarf, worn around the head. It’s therefore advisable that you dress correctly and not provocatively ‘no naked shirt, even if it’s very hot), especially on temples. 

Speaking of Krama, it has a multitude of uses: it can be worn as a scarf, a hat, a belt or a « pareo ». It’s also used as a towel, tea towel, blanket or pillow. If you don’t want a cold to appear on your trip, bring this famous Krama because the air conditioning is regularly at its peak in stores, cars and buses.

Were you interested in this article ? Find the second part of unusual customs and traditions in Cambodia in the  next article..

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